[ubuntu-uk] New screencast on installing updates

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Nov 9 20:04:37 GMT 2006

Alan Pope wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 12:37:25PM +0000, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I've just watched the screen cast and thought it was really good! Don't 
>> really think you need to make any changes to the splash screen, although 
>> with the idea of pretty as a feature being thrown around by Mark 
>> Shuttleworth and the like maybe it would be a nice extra (although I 
>> have zero artistic talent myself!).
> Ok, that's good to hear.
>> I know I've said this about the screencasts on this list before, but I 
>> really think any one making them should post them to 
>> http://ubuntuclips.org/ as well: otherwise I worry we'll be duplicating 
>> efforts. Just a thought.
> I have mixed feelings about this.
> Firstly ubuntuclips state that the videos submitted to them should *not* be full resolution 
> videos, but should be clips of part of the screen. Part of this is for readability and 
> partly for size of download. I am of the opinon that screencasts should (where possible) 
> show full screen video that allows the viewer to see the entire desktop. Clipping and 
> cropping chunks off means they don't see the full deal of what's going on, and the video 
> maker has to keep moving popup windows and dialogs around to get them in the viewing port.
> I also feel that there should be some consistency between the videos, that they should have 
> boilerplates at the start and end so that you know what video is what from the preview 
> dialog, and the video gets a branding.

very much, yes, it is newbies who are looking, with windows shutters
on the eyelids. When anxious they will try to follow exact
instructions. I know, I used to either click yes to everything (note
1), or when push came to shove, try to be blindly exact.

Note 1: Linux cured me of this habit......
alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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