[ubuntu-uk] NTL Cable installation

Dominic Forrest dominic.forrest at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 9 18:28:24 GMT 2006

    I should declare an interest here as I work for ntl:Telewest.  The 
cable installation is fairly straightforward:

   A Coaxial cable will be run to your house and "split" so that two 
seperate cables are run to:
       a)   Your STB for the TV
       b)   Your cable modem
    A seperate twisted pair cable is run in to provide a "standard" 
telephone connection

The Cable modem has both Ethernet and USB ports - personally I always 
recommend people to use Ethernet.  IP addresses are supplied by DHCP so 
all you need to do is plug it in and off you go!

For WI-FI/Router you need a router whose upstream is Ethernet (to plug 
into the cable modem) - many are available from all the usual names.


Gary Kearley wrote:
> Hi,
> I am moving very soon, into an area which has NTL Cable, now I've never
> had Cable before and need to know what I am dealing with.
> Would it be possible for someone who has NTL cable to describe, with
> pictures if at all possible, the install and kit.
> IE I'm going to order the 3 for £30 offer they have, so with the one
> cable entering the building, what connections will NTL supply (ie for
> telly and phone and Internet, and what do I need to buy to have a
> broadband wifi router with Ethernet switch?
> Is there anyway to use my current dsl router? (bt voyager 2100) (I doubt
> this)
> sorry for the basic and silly question, but I just don't know.
> Thanks
> Gary

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