[ubuntu-uk] Desktop permission!

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Nov 8 20:56:27 GMT 2006

> hi
> In my quest to change the permissions of my media (which i havnt been able 
> to do so far..... :( ) i have somehow manage to change the permission  for 
> desktop. so now it will no longer save anything to my desktop.
> Anyone know how i can fix this??
Open a terminal and then type the following:

chmod 755 -r ~/Desktop

That will reset the permissions on the Desktop directory and everything 
in it so you have read/write/execute permissions and members of the same 
group as your user account (which from memory wouldn't be anyone else on 
Ubuntu) and all other users can just read and execute files.

You might then want to go changing the permissions of individual things 
on your desktop.  To do this, right click on the item you want, select 
properties and then the permissions tab.

IIRC for standard documents etc you won't need execute permissions just 


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