[ubuntu-uk] top posting row (was Uk Loco team forums)

Mike Preston mike at technomonk.com
Tue Nov 7 12:47:57 GMT 2006

>> Although it has been requested that the subject of forums be dropped,
>> I was thinking (yes dangerous I know), is it possible to build a forum
>> style front end onto mailman? It already holds archives of every
>> message made to the list. If we use a front end to mailman it will not
>> be a separate communication, the group will not be divided. (Mailman
>> it written in python, which I have yet to get around to learning, its
>> on my todo list though, but things seem to rarely get done of my
>> todos).
> I do believe there is something of the sort but:
> a) It's commercial
> b) It's expensive
> c) I can't remember what it's called
Iirc, there is an open sores email to nntp gateway, and many nntp to web 
gateways... maybe that could work...
Only got limited net access from here so I can't do much grepping... but 
I'll look into it tonight


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