[ubuntu-uk] Connect an xbox to ubuntu

Glenn J. Mason glenn at glennji.com
Mon Nov 6 21:36:49 GMT 2006

> > Ive connected my xbox to my pc via an ethernet. How can i set this network 
> > up? there doesnt seem to be "network wizard" kind of utility in ubuntu.
> Cool , im doing this, how familiar will you be with Samba and FTP ? I'll 
> post more later when Im not cooking dinner !

I've got an Xbox running XBMC (media centre) and hooked up to my local
network -- I stream music and video from a Linkstation NAS (running
Debian) using Samba, although XBMC also supports DAAPD audio (aka
iTunes), UPNP video and (apparently -- haven't tried) FTP streaming too.

But if, as I suspect, you're trying to stream video to an Xbox 360, well
I just don't know.  Helpful, no?  :-)

/me ponders about whatever happened to the Indrema "Dream" console...


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