[ubuntu-uk] Sonic Stage alternative

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sun Nov 5 13:34:43 GMT 2006

> Hi,
> just wondering if someone can help!
> I have a Sony NWHD3 and to put music on there i have power up windows for 
> it! So i thought maybe theres a way around this! so i sat there and thinking 
> and thinking....and eventually came up with this idea.....
> The player shows up as a removable drive. could i put a linux app like "Juk" 
> on there...and save my music on there..mp3's, ogg files etc. ? There is a 
> similiar program for windows called " mp3filemanager"....where this program 
> is installed on the player and then files just dragged and dropped into it.!
> So any ideas people? help!!!!
> cheers ears!!!
> javad
I have a Minidisc recorder which uses exactly the same software.  The 
only way I managed to get it working was to run VMWare and a basic 
installation of Windows XP.  I know this probably isn't much use, thank 
Sony for that.  I guess I'm just lucky that I can record stuff to 
Minidisc using either my work laptop (running XP Pro) or using the 
line/optical in from an external audio source.


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