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Have you told Stone Cold off yet???





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That is true...but it doesn't support a drag and drop system..all music must

Be put on the player via sonicstage...any music put on the player via drag 

And drop just wont show up on the player itself! 


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>On Saturday 04 November 2006 23:59, STONE COLD wrote: 

> > The player shows up as a removable drive. Could I put a linux app like 

> > "Juk" on there...and save my music on there..mp3's, ogg files etc. ? 


> > is a similar program for windows called " mp3filemanager"....where this 

> > program is installed on the player and then files just dragged and 


> > into it.! 


>If it shows up as a removable USB drive, then you should just be able to 


>it in Nautilus (or Konqueror, Thunar etc.) and click-and-drag MP3 files 


>it, like any normal MP3 player. 





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