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Then I am out of here,  good bye!





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From: Andy 

Date: 04/11/2006 13:03:52 

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On 04/11/06, Ian <igb123 at talktalk.net> wrote: 

> I'm new to this, 

It shows, 


A little note about mailing list etiquette. 

We do not need you to tell us what font size we want to view your 

Message in, we are perfectly capable of adjusting our email software 

To a size that is comfortable. This means don't specify a font size in 

Your email please. 

Even better would be to not use HTML to send email at all. 


Some people may even block you messages because it contains HTML. 

It also increases the file size of your email 


Do not 'top post', this is were you write you message then quote an 

Entire previous message below the end of your message. Quotes should 

Normally be inline, and only the text that is relevant. 


Someone somewhere has a great signature about top posting, I have no 

Idea who, I am on a number of lists. 


May I ask which email software you are using? Someone may be able to 

Tell you how to turn off HTML, 


We really should create a resource on the wiki about how to use a mailing



Back on topic, If we are going to have a vote, shouldn't we ask who 

Wants to stand as candidates? And more importantly change the subject 

When we actually do ask who wants to stand, I expect some people may 

Be not reading this thread because its got forum in the title. We 

Wouldn't want to inadvertently exclude anyone, that's not the Ubuntu 



- Andy 



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