[ubuntu-uk] Uk Loco team forums

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 18:27:55 GMT 2006

Sean Miller wrote:
> I don't understand why we're doing all this again... Nick put himself 
> forward many months ago and asked if anybody else was interested to 
> which he got no responses... so surely the request for candidates to 
> come forward has already been and gone and this is just wasting time 
> going through it all again?
> t
Thanks Sean.

As I see it I'll take the lead since no one officially said anything and 
your correct to say things were put forward and not responded to. 

I really want to get the approval application filled in with as much 
evidence of experience and road map conversations as possible before the 
12th November. In the meanwhile if the group now feels it wants to hold 
a election then lets get on with that. Meanwhile I really hope we can 
move forward on activites and JFDI rather than waiting to assemble some 
order.  I feel we can be a team in the sense of Jumpers for Goal posts 
as much as we can be a team in the olympic sense. We just need to 
recognise that which we should all be achieving to make he UKTeam an 
Ubunutu force to be reckoned with and that which makes us stronger and 
more able to be involved in community .

> Would it not be better to hold the first formalised "election" one year 
> from Nick's original "candidature" and in the meantime let him get on 
> with the job he appears to be doing well??
To be honest I dont think its a problem to just set the target and leave 
it for a week as long as we focus on the Approval Application ( have I 
mentioned it before ? <grin> ) and getting traction on the roadmap and 
UKTeam activitites. But I take it I can count on your vote though !


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