[ubuntu-uk] acronyms?

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 08:00:59 GMT 2006

Sean Miller wrote:
> Nik Butler wrote:
>> [1] Im from sussex lug were we are far more JFDI than LW2A.
> Jump Forward, Dive In
> Let's Wait to Advance

he he , I like that interpretation can I use it ?

The correct acronyms here are

Just F----- Do It and Lets Wait To Agree.

Overall the group needs to have mechanisms with which to resolve 
direction issues such as Forums vs Mail. Many LUGS have managed to form 
commitees and groups to manage and co-ordinate things. Others have taken 
the view of do it and see if people are interested.

Given that we are an open community founded on software that was built 
from the concepts of , do it and see if its useful, the Sussex Lug took 
the same approach. The  good ideas prevail and that people can decide 
where they want to go and what they want to do. Sometimes things are 
debated other times people just do the thing and say "Hey i did X , does 
anyone want to help ?" . The committee  system has been  succesful at 
Hants Lugs and also enabled them to be more active.  Where the Sussex 
system can fail however is in knowing who is the person to contact on 
behalf of Sussex LUG. Also how do the current incumbent LUG Masters know 
who in the Sussex LUG is whom they say they are in terms of running the 
mailing list and websites. 

What I am keen to avoid  though  is a 200 thread discussion on the 
meanings and purpose and direction of just such a group.. What I propose 
is we check in with Melissa Drapper ( Ive sent her an email ) and a few 
other Loco established Loco Teams ( I'll do this to avoid spamming these 
guys ) to understand how things are working for them and then implement it.

We do need to move on the Application Approval and I would like to 
arrange some sort of Sponsored event for Friday 17th ( Children in need 
) which can raise pennies for charity and keep our news cycle and 
motivation moving forwards.

So thanks for reading and remember ...

A Vote for Nik is a Vote for Action.

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