[ubuntu-uk] Scibuntu 0.2-alfa is released

Urban Anjar urban.anjar at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 23:23:35 GMT 2006

Scibuntu is  Ubuntu Linux for scientists and science students. Scibuntu is
not just another Linux distribution. It is a script that adds scientific
programs and other convinient tools to the plain desktop Ubuntu.

Most programs in Scibuntu are already out there in the Ubuntu repositories
Scibuntu collects them for you and puts them into your computer. Some
programs are fetched from other places.

* - Ah, well, but why isn't Scibuntu a distribution? *

There are plenty of good distros out there so there isn't need for another
one. More distros confuse the users and divide the community's resources. A
script with adaptations is easier to build, maintain and make documentation
What is included

   - Tools for reading and writing scientific text: LaTeX, Ghostscript,
   Ghostview and Acroread.
   - Math and statistics tools like Octave and r
   - Plotting tools like Gnuplot, Grace and Labplot
   - Bioinformatics packages like Clustalw, Clustalx, Treepuzzle,
   Treewiewx and T-coffee
   - Chemistry tools like RasMol, PyMol and GROMACS
   - More console tools shar, memtest, dos2unix, strings, strip etc.
   - Development packages for C, C++, Bioperl, Biopython, FORTRAN and


Check it out
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