[ubuntu-uk] Uk Loco team forums

Joseph Price pricechild at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 17:29:03 GMT 2006

I'm glad to see some positive feedback! :D

About the users of ubuntuforums.org, as of writing, there are 188,524
registered users,  442 members and 1888 guests online.
I'm sure adding a link in my signature would definitely draw quite a
bit of attention to it. How is the website coming along btw? Any news
on whether anything will be happening with it?

Re: mailing list integration.
	I'm still waiting to hear from ubuntu-geek about the feasibility of
this. There is a LOT going on with ubuntuforums.org at the moment, the
UDS coming up is meaning a lot of new policies are being proposed to
govern our activities & a lot of discussion is taking up most of the
staff's time. Because of this i'm not expecting anything too soon.

I realise that there is no reason why I couldn't start-up the forums
myself without general consent as someone pointed out. However I would
much rather we all discussed the matter and came to a general

Would it be possible to perhaps have a meeting in #ubuntu-uk sometime
this weekend for a real-time discussion about the possibility of
forums? How about something like 8pm Tomorrow? (4th Nov)

Also is there anyone who has assumed the lead of ubuntu-uk? I know of
many LoCo teams with leaders but not much about the structure of our
own :) I don't want to be stepping on any toes.

Thanks for reading, Pricey

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