[ubuntu-uk] Uk Loco team forums

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Nov 3 13:27:12 GMT 2006

Nicholas Butler wrote:
> Joseph,
> Thanks for the offer and I can clearly see there is a very robust set of 
> positions regarding Forums usage. I know we had this conversation before 
> and felt at the time the Maillist suited the assemblage of current 
> Ubuntu UK Team members. However in the strictest sense of any community 
> project there is absolutely nothing stopping you or anyone simply 
> creating the forums and letting people know they are avialable to use. I 
> realise that people dont want to split the community but the community 
> is at its best when it self organises and to that end opportunities 
> cannot really be defined or restricted by technical demerits or 
> specifications. So   nothing stops the forums being created and we can 
> add them to the Wiki so people know they are there. If they are 
> succesful im sure they will thrive and I am sure it will widen to 
> audience of potential UK Members. It will be a shame though that as a 
> result of this that some efforts may become duplicated and some 
> communication will be missed.

Hopefully in the event there will be an elegant method of the one hand
knowing what the other hand is doing.

> My personal preferences are to use the Mailing list, however if a Forum 
> exists I will make sure I drop in and keep an eye on it and let people 
> know about the mailing list and the archvies and the thriving 
> communication we have here as well as the IRC Channels.

(me likewise)
I guess that some local areas and also expertise groups may have some
different preferences, and also some forums may be limited to the life
of certain projects maybe?

> Can I assume this has been the consensus of the group ?

ok with me, see how it goes

alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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