[ubuntu-uk] Microsoft """"supporting"""" Linux

TheOldFellow TheOldFellow at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 09:17:49 GMT 2006

> Will our windows loving friends now point and say "see, linux is okay,
> microsoft say so!" now?

I'm one who, in a previous phase of existence, used to visit Microsoft in
their lair at Redmond, and met a few of their execs round the cauldron.

My beef with MS isn't the product, or even the technical staff, it's the
company ethos: "Screw the Competitors!".  They will use any means to stay
on top: fair, foul, or downright illegal, as shown by their Frequent-Flyer
card at the Anti-trust courts.

This has to be a ploy to destroy the Linux community.  Novell have clearly
just given in to bribes or other inducements.  It's aimed squarely at Red
Hat who have scared them.

I doubt that MS are worried by Ubuntu yet.  The time will come though, if
Canonical start to take significant revenue away from them, or look like
the they might.


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