[ubuntu-uk] BBC and open formats??

tim matthews tim at tui.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 09:05:31 GMT 2006

well .. I've done this before.

While living in Holland, I set up an ogg stream for Radio 1 from the 
NOS. Like the BBC, the NOS is a total Microsoft shop.

I ran the stream for over a year, I never heard anything from the NOS.

The high point of the stream was for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. The 
NOS/Radio 1 wasn't allowed to broadcast it, but I broadcasted it on my 
stream. I even put the link to my stream on the NOS wiki and many did 
tune into the Olympic broadcasts.

Needless to say, the stream became quite popular. Eventhough the NOS had 
access to a direct studio feed (I just used a piece of junk stereo 
tuner), many said my ogg stream was of better quality. Odd ..


alan c wrote:
> tim matthews wrote:
>> yes, I'm seriously suggesting being "naughty" to make a point. If they 
>> want to call me silly names like "pirate" or "terrorist" it's up to them.
>> and why not? it's a BBC copyright, ok is the BBC an 3vil greedy 
>> corperation or it is funded by its listeners?
>> It's our right to have the BBC broadcast in open source, we should not 
>> be forced to use the Microsoft operating system. By doing this, we could 
>> show the world how easy it is to set up.
> Very few people in history have been successful with such approaches.
> Maybe you feel lucky?
> :-)
> From the bbc's point of view they will have their own problems. They
> also probably have employees who are very keen to go open. It would be
> useful to continue a debate with them and address the issues while
> keeping our aims in mind. Although I do not like it, the rest of the
> world does not use linux or ogg (yet) and timing would be important.

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