[ubuntu-uk] Upgrade instead of install

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 19:06:46 GMT 2006

Bernard G Hill wrote:
> Hi,
> I wish to go from Dapper to Edgy without doing an installation and
> loosing all my settings and other bits which are installed on D.
> U/K/E and the rest have made the installation process very simple by the
> use of a live distribution which can be installed, but I would like to
> have the opportunity to upgrade from D to E, keeping everything on the
> existing system.
> I know I can upgrade on the net as I have read the appropriate pages of
> instruction but I want to upgrade from CD. Is this possible from the
> live/install disc or is a different disc required?
> For future releases, is it possible for the live CD to have an upgrade
> icon as well as an install icon, or would it be better for a different
> CD to be issued? As more and more computer ignorant users like myself
> are persuaded to join the Ubuntu camp, this upgrade business is going to
> be increasingly important so that it can be done without losing all the
> present system. One thing which will scare off the ordinary user, is
> saying that upgrading is a doddle, all that is needed is to issue the
> following commands, and then quote a long incantation of jargon which is
> virtually meaningless to anyone but a computer geek. The GUI has been
> very successful as the way for the ordinary user to interface with the
> computer. The necessary command has been issued by clicking on an icon;
> what that command is the user doesn't care so long as the end result is
> what is wanted.
> Any help which anyone is able to give will be very much appreciated.
> Berni.
This page might help: 

It is basically what I did. I opened a terminal and ran the command

gksu “update-manager -c ”

Or you could try clicking *System -> Administration -> Update Manager*

The upgrade itself took about an hour including downloading the packages 
and installing the updates and was all automatic. I wouldn't advise 
using the system while it's upgrading though as I did, it did start 
coming up with funny messages until the upgrade was complete and when I 


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