[ubuntu-uk] BBC and open formats??

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 14:56:16 GMT 2006

On 02/11/06, TheOldFellow <TheOldFellow at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 02 Nov 2006 12:45:30 +0000, Andy wrote:
> > I might just write to my MP, but unfortunately there isn't an election
> > around the corner so it will probably be ignored.
> I got a reasoned reply from the appropriate department about the
> Parliament issue.  The only problem was that the argument they gave was
> that they had to cater for the majority...  Of course, if the only way you
> could get Parliament and the BBC was by using on OpenSource system, that
> wouldn't disenfranchise anyone (provided it ran on Windows too), but
> then the Government and the BBC probably both get funding/discounts from
> Microsoft.

It's worth noting too that both parliament and the BBC have a
responsibility for catering not just to majorities but to minorities

With Ubuntu & OSS we should use our greatest assets we have -
arguments of freedom and bridging the digital divide.  These are all
things considered important by the government at present, and rightly
so. A delicate bit of quoting government back at itself might go a
long way. Freedom is universal - it doesn't stop at 60%.


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