[ubuntu-uk] BBC and open formats??

tim matthews tim at tui.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 14:09:47 GMT 2006

and what will your local MP do about it?

it's up to us ourselves to organise, not let someone else do it.

sorry .. this is a little off-topic from the ubuntu list.

but we all do agree that the BBC shouldn't be wasting its money on 
Microsoft licence fees and making their media not usuable for those who 
don't want to use Microsoft rubbish.


gord wrote:
> I have also been badgering the BBC for quite some time to use open
> formats and also about the awful bias nature of their programs (news and
> 'click', their technology related show) towards big business and
> completely ignoring floss, however seeing how Dirac (the beebs own foray
> into the free software world with their own video codec) seems to have
> pretty much gone to the dumps, all I can see is our licence payers money
> being spent to get Microsoft to stick drm into everything around. 
> i would suggest that anyone who actually want to try and get something
> happening on this front not just talk to the bbc's complaints
> department, they will only answer questions, they won't change anything
> about the way things are done. It might be a better idea to talk to your
> local MP or some other avenue of interest. 

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