[ubuntu-uk] The next UK Charity event we can all take part in and make a difference towards.

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed Nov 1 23:35:12 GMT 2006


Children In Need, which happens every year in the UK since Terry Wogan 
could first raise an eyebrow in interest,will again be occuring.


I would very much like to see the UKTeam rally forth  , as they had 
before at Linux World,  and come up with a One Day event that every 
Ubuntu UK team member and mailing list reader can take part in. Of 
course it would be even better if we could round up the other Community 
Distro members and motivate them to do something similar.

The Appeal night is the 17th Of November and I would like to get an 
Entry into the Charity and agree to raise funds.


We currently have the Signed T-Shirt for which will be somehow 
Auctioned. ( Should I do this on EBAY ? ). It contains the signatures 
of  Canonical Staff from the Stand on the Day, the Ubuntu UK team 
members, John Maddog Hall ( Because he saw it could be signed ! ) and Im 
hoping Mr Shuttleworth will be able to sign it for us as well. 

Being an Ubuntu fellow I am sure we all understand how each of our 
actions will effect another individual. Lets have a Charity Ubuntu 
Install , Hand out, Ask A Geek a Question, Bug Fix, Bonus Pay out thing 
fest day and then lets share it with the community and the media and 
show how Open Source , Open Opportunities.


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