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Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 1 15:53:47 GMT 2006

On 01/11/06, paul at paulmellors.net <paul at paulmellors.net> wrote:
> Does anyone know a quick way of getting a hundred or so Edgy disks
> without using SHIP-IT or copying them myself?
Get someone else to copy them? :D

Ship-it don't do edgy discs anyway.

There are quite a few people who will ship you discs, but for 100 it
could be pricey.
If you had more time you might be able to contact someone from
canonical and ask there advice.

UseLinux.co.uk only has 6.06, no good there then

found a site:
cost £0.96 per CD, though they will give you a bulk discount if you
contact them in advance.

Unfortunately they may not arrive in time, it can take up to 3 weeks
to ship discs.
you have 10 days?

http://www.thelinuxshop.co.uk have 6.10 with free UK delivery and is
normally dispatched in 24 hours, so depending on the mail you should
get them in time, only problem £3.50 per disc, no mention of bulk
discount, is £350 out of your price range?

OSDisc.com also has copies at $1.95, not sure what that is in GBP though.
They claim the list price of a disc is $7.95, when did Ubuntu get a list price?

Your only option might be to have people burn them for you,
unfortunately the time frame is a little tight for most people, and we
now have the new confusing royal mail size posting system, grr.

Good luck with the install fest, lets once again increase the number
of Linux machines ou there :)

- Andy

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