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I'm running my desktop computer completely off a USB hard drive with no problems. As long as you have a USB2.0 port and drive then the maximum transfer rate is 480MBPs. When you consider a standard PATA connection is only 133MBPs it's more than enough. Firewire connections are also faster then hard drives can throughput so you should have no problems with a firewire or USB2 HDD.

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> Hi,
> I am in the market for a fast external hard drive that I could
> potentially use to have more than one Linux distro/version on my
> laptop.
> Has anyone had good experiences with firewire devices?
> My idea would be to put the most essential IO-intensive parts of the
> OS in the internal hard-drive, and put the rest of the stuff on the
> external one.
> Any pointers?
> Cheers,
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