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Nik Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed Nov 1 08:24:51 GMT 2006

Good morning sales force ( whoops sorry I had my Corporate Head on [1] ).

So Im looking at the Approval Page and wanting to add some great links 
and content to the Page but since this requires detailing the experience 
and skills of all the members in the Team I am loathe to just copy up 
other peoples achievements with out some level of team approval ( eat 
that for Meta you hashlugradio guys ! ). So heres a few things I can 
identify recently


      /Screencast: X-Chat/ - Alan Popes Xchat tutorial.


      /Linux World Expo/ - How the Team motivated to produce content.


      /BCF Fairs' - Promotion of Ubunutu at British Computer Fairs on a
      Monthly Basis. /


      Delivery/ - Members such as AlanPope
      <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanPope> and NikButler
      <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NikButler> are already established in the
      Marketplace  providing support to SMEs /

Alan , I hope im not jumping the Gun on this one but you gave me the 
impression you like me were out there Self Employed and directly finding 
new clients and business opportunities, though I notice your not listed 
in the Marketplace, hint hint.  BCF Fairs Ive listed because these 
genuinely are not part of the Info point idea, because well it developed 
parrallel to and I never had heard of infopoint stuff, however we 
provide Ubuntu to returning interested visitors so Id count it in. Linux 
World Expo should be obvious though it would be nice to link to the 
Fridge article ( hint hint ) , Screen casts are to me a great example of 
the motivation and productivity of the team.  So thats the things from 
the very top of my head im sure others here will have different views 
and experience to add and Id like to know to be able to fill out this 
part of our Application.

The next Community Council meeting ( according to the Fridge Event 
calendar )  will be the 17th. We need to get this document to Jono by 
the 13th  so this gives us enough time to complete the Expereinces , 
change public percpetion of free and open source softwre, replace 60% of 
the Desktop marketshare with Ubuntu oh and solve world hunger, so . no 

Your help in this , is very much appreciated.

Thank you


[1] What no one remembers Worzel Gummidge
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