[ubuntu-uk] DVDs on Dapper

Kenny Duffus kenny at duffus.org
Fri Jun 23 09:38:09 BST 2006

On Friday 23 June 2006 09:23, Ian Brooksbank wrote:
> I have just convinced my wife to swap to Ubuntu on our laptop, and for
> the first time am trying to get audio and DVDs to work on Ubuntu.  The
> audio is now fine, and I can play CDs and mp3s with no difficulty, but
> DVDs are another matter.  The information about this seems fragmentary,
> and it seems that the resources I need are scattered some in rather
> inaccessible spots.  Is there a complete how to do it somewhere? That
> will take me through to the point where I can play DVDs on Ubuntu?
> I'd appreciate any advice, and if there's not an easy one shot solution
> I will post my more precise difficulties for help.


have you had a look at the restricted formats wiki page:


 it has a section on Playing encrypted DVDs:




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