[ubuntu-uk] Support Points -

Grant grant at cherrysupport.com
Fri Jun 16 14:04:38 BST 2006

First of all well done to SteveSmith, he has added so much to the wiki, it
is already starting to show results in getting more people to sign up.....
Good job! 

Regarding the map: 
I have reviewed all the comments, and agree with some of the points, some
more so than others.  To put this to bed, I am sure you agree that it will
take time to integrate and localise the map so I will start working on it,
when I have time,  and whilst we are building up a list I will just add
features to the software.  I am off to Spain for 2 weeks for sisters wedding
and will start when I get back. By the time we feel that we are ready to go
on it, then we can just push it live.  I have spoken to my director and he
is happy to use our spare webserver capacity to host it until Ubuntu- uk is
in the position to take over.  

I have added the details to the wiki, if you want to add any constructive
suggestions then please do so via the wiki. 

Any work that I do I will also share with our friends in Holland and
==== Map Feature List ====

1. The Map will contain 3 overlays: 
Non Commerical/Free- Same description as Belgian site.
Distribution- Same description as Belgian Site 
Commercial- For Paid for support- useful for organisations/ government/
local education establishments that would prefer to use paid for support for

2. When you click on the support points the link should go to somewhere that
as well as providing a contact form should feature fun, friendly photos of
support people in that area.

3. Will include a random featured support point each time the page is

4. Full web upload form with one click approval and full management via
administration console. 

5. Full support for Where is my nearest? (aka support point finder) - By
entering your postcode will show the top 5 nearest support points including
distance to location from users postcode.
6. Full integration into google maps directions for obtaining directions.  

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