[ubuntu-uk] RE: Support points

Steve Smith steve.lists at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 16 00:50:20 BST 2006

On 15/06/06, Mark Van den Borre <mvdborre at gmail.com> wrote:
> Gatekeeper: "What is your quest?"
> Arthur, King of the Britons: "To seek the Holy G^^^to convert my
> people to Ubuntu!"

As soon as I read this, getfirefox.com came to mind and something
clicked with me, as Grant said you've hit the point far better than
the rest of us did!

> * a majority of so called 80 % users: people who want to safely do
> common things like surfing, mailing, word processing, spreadsheet,
> presentation and net banking on their computers (important subgroup:
> education, teachers!)

Yes, yes, yes!

> * a minority of technical users: developers, engineers, ...

I think they'd be better served by wiki.ubuntu.com (like we have
been).  I think ubuntu-uk.org should include a short paragraph to make
them aware of what Ubuntu could do for them with links to parts of the
main wiki that can provide them with the geek-speak they need.  It's
my opinion that if we put too much geek-speak on ubuntu-uk.org it will
put "the 80% users" off.

>   Only Ubuntu, no mention of Kubuntu or Xubuntu. We are not Gnome
> fanboys or KDE bashers, but we realise a potential convert needs an
> unambiguous first step.

Yes, for "80% users", I agree.  But at least it's something useful to
stick on there for now until such a time as ubuntu-uk.org can be
better used for something
else (i.e. when we as a group have generated enough content).

I've set up a page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/GetUbuntu for us
to use as a planning page.

We've finished up with so many threads about this on here that it'll
be so difficult for someone new to come along and join in with what
we're doing.  We can create content on that page and actually have the
discussion next to the content, spread between the sections.  This
should promote more doing and speed things up (I hope!) and make it
easier for new people to get up to speed.  When we get enough stuff
together *then* we can sort out getting it on ubuntu-uk.org, which I'm
sure Johnathan Riddell will be more than happy to give us details of
or do it himself, whichever he prefers!

So people, get to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/GetUbuntu and get writing!


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