[ubuntu-uk] Support Points

Grant grant at cherrysupport.com
Wed Jun 14 14:17:25 BST 2006

A few days ago people suggested implementing the support points map, which I
said I would be happy to build it for the UK market.  I have got the Belgian
source code, and I am ready to mod it to our requirements, however I have
been trying to find out whether we can host it.  It needs a PHP, Mysql and
javascript to work . 

If you guys want it, and have a place I can put it then I will be happy to
do the required work.  Otherwise I won't waste my time.  Before anyone will
take Ubuntu seriously, we need to have things like this to show people how
easy it is to get support.  

To paraphrase "Let me know if you want it, and let me know where I can put

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