[ubuntu-uk] Contents of ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 14, Issue 7 ref support points

Grant grant at cherrysupport.com
Wed Jun 7 13:14:14 BST 2006

It was regarding the support points, I can build a php based system, which
can do the same thing, but be more uk focused.  We can use ning.com but
their support for uk postcodes etc is non existent.

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Grant wrote:
> I can draft up a script that will make it easy to add.  I would 
> suggest using something like NINg.com to do it however they don't 
> support UK postcodes at all.

I think this is about the Ubuntu support points email... But I'm not sure -
you haven't quoted anything, you haven't included a subject line which might
give a clue as to the subject matter, and you've replied to the digest so
your email doesn't appear in the same thread as whichever one you are
replying to. That kinda makes it difficult to follow ;)

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