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Tom Ranson tom.ranson at intrarandom.co.uk
Sun Jun 4 11:31:45 BST 2006

Hi Steve,

I'm sure I can gather support with colleges and sixth form students- I
will start distributing Dapper CD's once my order of them comes through;
I am keen to set up a display next to our main ICT Suites where people
can pick up CD's etc.

I'm certainly trying to persuade my college who administers the Citrix
side of things on site to run GIMP as our primary photo editing suite-
we have trialed it and it works surprisingly well over terminal
services :) However, we have not rolled it out yet due to some issues
using automated deployment to install it on our Citrix servers- I will
keep the pressure on, as I feel that GIMP is an excellent package :)

Seeing as I have used Windows for many, many years, I have personally
made the switch to open source software, i.e. Firefox, Thunderbird,
OpenOffice etc after being so disappointed with commercial products. To
be entirely honest, I hadn't come across theopencd.org before you
mentioned it, but it looks like the ideal why to introduce people to
Windows open source software! I am fully aware that a number of senior
students already use Firefox and Thunderbird on their Windows boxes, but
it would be great to see them transition to OpenOffice from MS Office :)

I'm 99% sure that I am the *only* Linux user at my School; this taking
into account all staff and students! Most people I work with just use
the software, but currently have no further interest- however, as I have
already mentioned, there are several students I know that I think could
help spread the word (and the CD's!) throughout the other pupils- it
will be an interesting challenge! 

Come Software Freedom Day, I think I could pull together a booth at the
School with a few pupils, and some CD's, to help spread the  word :) 

Kind regards,

Tom Ranson

On Sun, 2006-06-04 at 03:51 +0100, Steve Smith wrote:
> Hi Tom
> I'm excited to hear what you might be able to do with Edubuntu.
> Public schools certainly seem to me to be the ideal frontiers for open
> source; as you say, you're able to be quite flexible.
> I'm president of the Photographic Society at Cardiff University.
> Beginning in September we'll be teaching photo manipulation with the
> GIMP.  My philosophy is to focus on the basics, with emphasis on *why*
> you do things in a particular way (e.g. why it's good to use layers).
> If you teach photo manipulation or anything similar I'd love to hear
> your experiences!
> I'm finding that Windows Free/Open Source (see www.theopencd.org) is a
> great way to slowly inch people in the 'right direction'.  I'm
> involved in Cardiff's Software Freedom Day team
> (http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/teams/europe/uk/cardiff/) - would
> that be a good springboard for encouraging student involvement at your
> school?
> Steve
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SteveSmith

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