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Steve Smith steve.lists at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 4 03:51:15 BST 2006

Hi Tom

I'm excited to hear what you might be able to do with Edubuntu.  Public
schools certainly seem to me to be the ideal frontiers for open source; as
you say, you're able to be quite flexible.

I'm president of the Photographic Society at Cardiff University.  Beginning
in September we'll be teaching photo manipulation with the GIMP.  My
philosophy is to focus on the basics, with emphasis on *why* you do things
in a particular way (e.g. why it's good to use layers).  If you teach photo
manipulation or anything similar I'd love to hear your experiences!

I'm finding that Windows Free/Open Source (see www.theopencd.org) is a great
way to slowly inch people in the 'right direction'.  I'm involved in
Cardiff's Software Freedom Day team (
http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/teams/europe/uk/cardiff/) - would that be
a good springboard for encouraging student involvement at your school?


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