[ubuntu-uk] Interested party...

Tom Ranson tom.ranson at intrarandom.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 02:33:18 BST 2006

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you all know that I am very interested in Ubuntu, and
live in the UK (South-West).
I'm generally quite new to Ubuntu (been using for approx 6 months), and
have been a heavy user of Dapper from the first development release, so
have picked a quite a lot of knowledge along the way.

I am very keen to see Ubuntu go from strength to strength, and feel that
I am in a good position to assist with this, considering the current
team goals.

I work as the Network & Systems Engineer in a large public school for 2
1/2 to 18 year olds in the South West of England,
www.tauntonschool.co.uk. I am CCNA certified, have a great interest in
Ubuntu and various other *nix based products (Smoothwall GPL, Smoothwall
commercial products) and would like to pursue a certification in *nix,
ideally Ubuntu once the certifications come onto the scene.

I am greatly encouraged to see that the UK Team has an interest in
integrating Ubuntu within education; I feel that I am in the ideal
position to help here :), a number of my colleges are also warming to
Ubuntu (following frequent pokes with a big stick!).

Luckily our educational environment is very flexible and open to change
as to a large extent we govern ourselves. 90% of our architecture is
based on Windows 2003 Terminal Services with Citrix Metaframe on top,
provided to end users via dedicated thin client hardware, converted fat
clients (currently using ThinStation, thinstation.sourceforge.net - I
would love to see Ubuntu develop in this area), and various Windows and
Mac based laptops/PC's. 

There is another area of development which I can see Ubuntu becoming
integrated in: a new virtual Language Lab which we are currently
developing in conjunction with a US firm- this is java based and is
currently running on Win XP, so from where I'm standing Ubuntu of some
flavour would be great here!

Anyway, hope I haven't bored you all to death yet- is anyone else out

Look forward to hearing back.

Kind regards,

Tom Ranson
tom DOT ranson AT intrarandom DOT co DOT uk

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