[ubuntu-uk] New Kernel = No Mount?

William Amaral william at mediamodus.us
Mon Jan 30 01:00:39 GMT 2006

the drive is ata and it shows up with both the new and ubuntu patched 
kernel, it even detects the partition as ext3 ( it is correct ) but it 
does not mount it.... ( in the newer kernels downloaded downloaded and 
built from kernel.org )

Its bloody wierd... i never had the problem in debian... still dont.. 
just in all my ubuntu's... it affects different drives.. i dont know if 
it has something to do with the "active-ness" of the partition ( i doubt 
it ) but it must be something... why doesnt that drive come up and my 
other does just fine.

im not sure.. might be a version conflict between kernel and gnu's mount 
or something .

Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Jan 2006, William Amaral wrote:
>> I can't mount my storage drive!!!
>> mount: /dev/hdc1 already mounted or /media/storage busy
>> if i boot back to my 2.6.12 kernel the drive mounts up just fine...
> Does the drive now show up Serial-ATA (a SCSI device).
>> i guess its a kernel patch thing.
> Yes, as the behaviour differs under two version of the linux-kernel and
> Ubuntu you know it's something related to the kernel and not to the
> distribution used.
> 	-Paul

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