[ubuntu-uk] freedos

massotjoseph joseph.massot at interia.pl
Sun Jan 15 18:22:25 GMT 2006

I have a request to you...

I want compilate from ubuntu a freedos( It 's on os which is able to
stay in one floppy dysk). 
After a format to my floppy

i have download this "ODIN v0.7 (3.5 ")" from www.freedos.org.
Just after i copy this to my floppy dysk. And i insert to my laptop, it
wasn't working.
I think, ok i can't do this so simple.

I might to open this file ODIN v0.7 from my computer, and run.
But i read this message when i click two times on it : Couldn't display

What i might to do ?

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