[ubuntu-uk] uploading files ftp

Graham Cole chckens at sucs.org
Sat Dec 30 22:45:18 GMT 2006

On 29 Dec 2006, at 19:23, Colin Humphrey wrote:

> I am connecting to ftp using an anonymous account with generic  
> passwd "ftp"

> At present I can download files from the ubuntu ftp daemon/server  
> but I can not "upload"
> to it or make a new directory within it.

I can't say I have any experience running an FTP daemon (SCP/SFTP and  
the OpenSSH server fulfil most of my needs) but this screams "UNIX  
file permissions problem" to me.

Make sure that the directory you're trying to upload to is world  
writable (i.e. chmod 777) as the FTP server should be running as an  
unprivileged user, given that you logged in anonymously.

- Graham

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