[ubuntu-uk] Software choices

Robbo ml at the-view.eclipse.co.uk
Thu Dec 28 17:59:34 GMT 2006

On 28 Dec 2006, at 15:14, Dave Briggs wrote:

> Thanks for all the help getting the web working, guys. This is my  
> first
> email that's sent from Evolution - it's quite nice, I have to say!
> Couple of quick newbie questions:
> 1) Do I need to install any anti-virus/malware or firewall software on
> Ubuntu?

I would install chkrootkit and rkhunter for detecting rootkits if you  
have any services open to the Internet,  a nice easy firewall is  

Of course if you have a DSL router and don't open any services to the  
Internet you don't need them.

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