[ubuntu-uk] Software choices

Dave Briggs d at vebrig.gs
Thu Dec 28 15:14:27 GMT 2006

Thanks for all the help getting the web working, guys. This is my first
email that's sent from Evolution - it's quite nice, I have to say!

Couple of quick newbie questions:

1) Do I need to install any anti-virus/malware or firewall software on

2) I have F-Spot preinstalled, but is there a better photo manager
available? I'm sure I've read somewhere that there is one out there that
can send photos to Flickr - that would be cool.

3) Is there any problem with running KDE apps on Gnome in Ubuntu? Does
it lose performance or crash?

4) Can anyone recommend an offline blog editor and RSS aggregator?


Dave Briggs
d at vebrig.gs | http://da.vebrig.gs

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