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Dave Ewart davee at sungate.co.uk
Sun Dec 24 19:44:28 GMT 2006

On Sunday, 24.12.2006 at 09:37 -0000, Jonathan Lees wrote:

> OO is offered as an alternative to MS Office, it sees about 2% usage
> from students that have it at home. Our IT teachers will not touch it
> as it involves rewriting worksheets for students which have all been
> based on MS Office. However whilst Writer and Spreadsheet does'nt
> cause problems, the database package does. [...]

This is the problem.

The kids are *not* being *taught* about word processors, spreadsheets or
databases.  They are being *trained* to use MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access

That's a very different thing, in my opinion, and not at all good.


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