[ubuntu-uk] ADSL problem

Tristan Wibberley tristan at wibberley.org
Thu Dec 21 20:36:19 GMT 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 20:02 +0000, Dave Briggs wrote:
> OK...
> 1. dave at dave-desktop:~$ host www.ubuntu.com
> www.ubuntu.com has address
> ;; Warning: Message parser reports malformed message packet.
> 2. dave at dave-desktop:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
> nameserver [ie my modem's ip]
> 3. dave at dave-desktop:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
> nameserver
> nameserver
> nameserver [I added the primary and secondary DNS
> provided by my isp]
> Tried the web again after adding these, and still no joy :-(

I see you've had no answer to this, can you confirm that David Pashley's
earlier steps worked as described? You didn't say whether you followed
them as suggested:

ip route
ping <via address from output of ip route>

Tristan Wibberley

Any opinion expressed is mine (or else I'm playing devils advocate for
the sake of a good argument). My employer had nothing to do with this

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