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Thu Dec 14 14:45:18 GMT 2006

(more reliable and faster) to do a clean install. From this "reading between
the posts" about upgrading Ubuntu, isn't it time to have a unified one click
procedure of data backup from the currently installed version of Ubuntu that
can be restored without hassle in any new version? By data I mean user
created files, settings, and preferences, email settings etc. I understand
that this would mean a certain amount of discipline from application
developers but if applications are drawn from official repositories this
could be a prerequisite. OK, maybe a pie in the sky idea but an useful one
stop in house backup procedure is surely overdue and would be a major
selling point for (Ubuntu or indeed any distro). Dare I suggest that any
Linux backup of this nature would be transportable to other distros as well?

Desktop graphics libraries, interfaces, and a whole host of other bits and
pieces are being standardized so it can't be beyond the whit of the
community come up with a solution to this regular problem - can it?


Llywelyn Owen

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