[ubuntu-uk] Request for Charitable suggestions.

Stuart Parkington mrsparks_maillists at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 21:51:39 GMT 2006

> My dream is to have a *high profile* charity which is interested 
> enough to use ubuntu or have its own rebadged version of ubuntu!

How about a charity like NCH (National Children's Homes 
(http://www.nch.org.uk/) for you "dream" Alan? NCH I would think would 
fit the *high profile* category and maybe could provide an ideal set of 
users who could use the Ubuntu family products.

In the first instance, I'm thinking more of the actual kids as users 
vice the charity office systems. Edubuntu would appear an obvious choice 
for a front-end PC lab/cyber cafe, allowing for educational use, 
Inter/Intranet access, etc. With Ubuntu server being used on the back 
end to web cacheing/proxy (Squid), Filtering (Dans Guardian) AV 
(ClamAV), Intranet (Apache) a great range of Open Source solutions could 
be demonstrated. (K)Ubuntu could be employed for adult/supervisor 
workstations. The longer term goal to hopefully encourage adoption of 
Open Source throughout the greater Charity.

We could put together a proof of concept of all this with fairly limited 
hardware. Possibly using ex-corporate recycled machines donated by a 

My two penny worth.


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