[ubuntu-uk] value of /var/cache/apt/archives ?

David Pashley david at davidpashley.com
Tue Dec 19 19:18:50 GMT 2006

On Dec 19, 2006 at 18:53, alan c praised the llamas by saying:
> I am still rather failing at an early hurdle unfortunately.
> I am working on the thought that the files I need are already in
> /var/cache/apt/archives
> and after burning these to CDR I have tried to then use
> sudo apt-get -o update dir::cache=/media/cdrom0/apt/archives


sudo apt-get -o "update dir::cache=/media/cdrom0/apt/archives"

> and I get a response:
> E: Option update: Configuration item specification must have an =<val>.
> any thoughts?
> tia

David Pashley
david at davidpashley.com
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