[ubuntu-uk] value of /var/cache/apt/archives ?

David Pashley david at davidpashley.com
Tue Dec 19 12:45:32 GMT 2006

On Dec 19, 2006 at 12:21, alan c praised the llamas by saying:
> I have just discovered that /var/cache/apt/archives seems to contain 
> all the installed updates  since original install. Is this a correct 
> belief please?
> I do not want to clear this, not just now, anyway - I am very 
> interested in using this archive to create a CD from time to time in 
> order to allow me to install and update PCs of several friends who 
> have only a very slow dialup internet connection. If I can do this it 
> will be important for me (and them).

Check out apt-move, apt-zip and debmirror which may provide you with
some suitable tools to make your job easier.

Once you have all your files you want, you might be interested in
apt-get autoclean and apt-get clean. Check the man page to see what they
do and the difference between them.
> Thoughts rushing on - I guess that if they have apps installed which I 
> do not have, the relevant updates will not be found on my machine (?) 
> If so this is a minor issue for me.
> Am I on the right lines here?

David Pashley
david at davidpashley.com
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