[ubuntu-uk] A couple of things..

Michael Wood admin at x3n.me.uk
Tue Dec 19 02:49:09 GMT 2006

Hello ubuntu uk

Got a couple of things i've been thinking about.


A guy came into #ubuntu-uk asking how to get involved in open source 
software yesterday. We helped him out and pointed him in the right 
direction hopefully, but it struck me that the easiest way that we 
explained it was through our own experience.
It would be good if people here could note down/blog/send in how they 
got involved in any open source projects, especially if you're a 
developer as that can be quite confusing.

Then we could compile a list and use that as a resource for helping people.


I would also quite like to discuss what people think the role of 
ubuntu-uk.org is or should be and if they are interested in the site 
being ubuntu.com'ed see http://www.ubuntu-uk.org/dev/new/ for a mock-up

maybe we could stick this on the agenda for the meeting today ?

/\/\ichael [ email at michaelwood.me.uk  ]
  \/\/ood  [ http://michaelwood.me.uk ]

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