[ubuntu-uk] digital camcorder

Adam Bagnall ajb35 at kent.ac.uk
Mon Dec 18 20:04:29 GMT 2006

norman wrote:
> Having recently changed from 6.06.1 to 6.10 I am not able to capture my
> videos using Kino as I used to. Could someone please advise me on
> either, what I can try to get Kino working again or, failing that,
> recommend some other application to do the job. Thanks
> Norman
Are there any error messages appearing in Kino? You need the raw1394 
kernel module loaded with the correct permissions to grab from dv IIRC. 
Add raw1394 to


then, in


change the GROUP part of the line starting with KERNEL=="raw1394", to 

Editing both those files has to be done as root (using sudo). This 
solved all my problems.


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