[ubuntu-uk] digital camcorder

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Mon Dec 18 17:28:04 GMT 2006

norman wrote:
> Having recently changed from 6.06.1 to 6.10 I am not able to capture my
> videos using Kino as I used to. Could someone please advise me on
> either, what I can try to get Kino working again or, failing that,
> recommend some other application to do the job. Thanks

I can only share my own experiences here, but hopefully they will be of
some use to you.

I now run Edgy (6.10) on my laptop and since the upgrade from Dapper,
I've had to do some tweaking of kernel boot options in order for my
IEEE1394 adapter to work.  In the output from dmesg, I saw an error
along the lines of "nobody cared, try using irqpoll" (apologies, I don't
have the exact message available now as I've cured, or at least worked
around the problem), which is exactly what I did -- I supplied the
irqpoll option to the kernel from the grub boot screen -- and the
IEEE1394 now seems to work correctly.

If you wanted to try an alternative to Kino, purely for getting the DV
data from the camcorder onto your machine for later processing, you
could try dvgrab.  As for video editing, I'm afraid I'm not of much
help, as I haven't got as far as that yet!

Hope that helps,

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