[ubuntu-uk] UUID nonsense and my disks

Graeme Jefferis grimace at yuss.org
Sat Dec 16 16:53:49 GMT 2006

On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, David Pashley wrote:

>>> Device names will change if you add or remove partitions or you swap
>>> drives around. UUIDs won't.
>> Thanks.
>> (Still thinks they should be HUMAN readable - bad systems design - Linux
>> for Humans - Pah!)
> You'd be complainnig more if you made a change to your hardware and
> suddenly your system didn't boot any more.

Having fallen foul of this before - on Red Hat 7 - I agree! I didn't know 
that Ubuntu maintained fstab in this way, and I am rather reassured to 
learn about it, particularly as a new hard drive (for dual booting 
purposes) is somewhere on my Christmas list.


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