[ubuntu-uk] ADSL problem

Richard Downing richard at langside.org.uk
Sat Dec 16 15:05:32 GMT 2006

Dave Briggs wrote:
> Hi list
> Just got my broadband live, and there's a bit of a problem with it.
> Basically, I have got all my settings right in the modem interface,
> and it is working fine in my windows partition.
> But in Ubuntu, I boot up Firefox, try and load a webpage, and...
> nothing happens.
> Can anyone give me any clues on what might be wrong?
> Cheers

Is the link encrypted?  Do you need a License Registration Server
process running?  Did you load the driver?

When you say 'Nothing Happens', do you mean that you just see a blank
page and 'done', or it there a timeout on the dns lookup?

This is a BIG question - it took me three days to get my mate's Linux to
work with WiFi.  Regrettably it isn't something that can be easily
explained either.  This is one of the areas where Linux isn't plug and
play, whereas Windows is.


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