[ubuntu-uk] UUID nonsense and my disks

Richard Downing richard at langside.org.uk
Sat Dec 16 14:35:56 GMT 2006

Long after upgrading to 6.10, I wanted to change one of the partitions
that gets mounted.  So off I goes to edit /etc/fstab (as you would),
only to find it full of gibberish instead of neatly understandable
/dev/hda etc. etc..

Now I didn't give anyone permission to muck about with my fstab, but
some damn update process has done so.  Is there a document that
describes how to translate between UUID-gibberish and sensible,
understandable, logical /dev names?  What wally chose this stupid system
fro Ubuntu anyway (seriously considers chucking the whole thing... and
going back to Linux ;-)

All I want is to mount /dev/hdb7 at boot time.


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