[ubuntu-uk] Non-GPL Linux Kernel Modules Banned Starting January 2008 (??)

Gargoyle g at rgoyle.com
Thu Dec 14 23:07:03 GMT 2006

On 14 Dec 2006, at 20:33, Pat wrote:

> On 14/12/06, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
>> Non-GPL Linux Kernel Modules Banned Starting January 2008
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>> I note Linus' response which I find a bit reassuring, but I do hope
>> the more 'common' end of common sense can prevail, particularly in  
>> ubuntu!
>> --
> I'm in two minds about this issue.
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Me too, that's quite a tough one but I think I am favouring  
Linus' (and Ubuntu's) way of looking at it. Some parts of the system  
are free and open (GPL) because people put in the time and effort to  
write and maintain those parts. Others are not free because companies  
have spent millions developing XYZ and they want to earn some cash back!

Currently I can install Ubuntu using the default settings, and get  
only software that comes under GPL. Or, I can enable universe and  
multiverse and get software that does not quite fit that mould...  
It's my choice.

I can also see there is a potential problem on the legal side of  
things for companies like SUSE (Novell), since it could possibly  
leave them short if they ever had to uphold their licence in a legal  
case. However, on the other hand if the likes if ATI/nVidia do not  
release GPL versions of their drivers then linux will fail! Who is  
going to install an operating system onto their machine if it can't  
even drive a gfx card to it's full potential?

(aka. Gargoyle)

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