[ubuntu-uk] upgrade

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Dec 14 22:36:42 GMT 2006


Alan Pope wrote:

> Firstly, to Tony, why do you want to upgrade a machine 300 miles away.
> Assuming it's on Dapper, what is there in Edgy that your mum has a
> burning need for?

It's not desparate right now, but it certainly could become so in the
future, so I was making a general enquiry about the best way to do it if
I had to.

> You not going to see her at xmas? :)

I may be! In which case I can do any maintenance once I am there.

> If you really need to upgrade the machine then I would either ssh into
> it using -X to enable X forwarding and run update manager which would
> then make it appear on your desktop. I think you need to enable x
> forwarding on her machine first in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

That is an option I had considered.

> Alternatively ssh to her machine and setup a tunnel with -L and then get
> her to enable remote desktop and use rdesktop at your end to view her
> desktop via the ssh tunnel. Then run the update manager.

Don't I get my own desktop if I do that rather than hers? But I see what
you are saying.

> Obviously whichever method you use it could still break, and break badly
> so you can't get back in. If your mum is a novice user she likely won't
> be able to fix it, and the resultant lengthy phone conversation might be
> more painful than just going home :)

My mum is a complete novice to computers! She had never even used a
mouse when I set this up and it took her a while to get the hang of it.
My brother has just taught her how to double-click! She does nothing but
browse the WEB and use e-mail, but she learns pretty quick so I can see
her usage expanding. Oh and she likes the games too!

One of my reasons for putting Linux on this machine rather than Windows,
was as she had no experience what so ever it didn't matter what system I
gave her, and as Linux is easier to administer remotely,  I went for that.

Trying to talk her through fixing some problem when I may not even be
sure what the problem is would certainly be lengthy and painful!

> I speak from experience because my brothers computer is running dapper,
> there's no way I would remotely upgrade it and potentially leave him
> with a broken PC.

My mum is running Dapper too. Maybe I will leave it like that,
especially as it will continue to get security updates for 3 years!

> Just my 2p.

If you've saved me a 600 mile round trip, it's worth more than that!
Many thanks.

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