[ubuntu-uk] Upgrade to Fiesty ??

Michael Wood admin at x3n.me.uk
Thu Dec 14 13:41:09 GMT 2006

Ted Wager wrote:
> tim matthews wrote:
>> I don't think you can update from dapper to Feisty, you can only update from edgy to feisty (so I think).
I'm pretty sure it's possible to jump a release for upgrading, just make 
sure you use the upgrade manager. The repositories will be the same 
addresses but changing dapper to feisty
>> and what's the point of using feisty? at this point, feisty should only 
>> be used by developpers who can fix things when they go wrong.
I'm running feisty but i'm not a developer, developers only find out the 
things they need to fix if people test the release and report the bugs.

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